Roadmap 2021

Below is the roadmap for BPM Online. Please note that this roadmap is indicative and priorities can shift based on external and internal factors. The roadmap serves as an indicator for the level of priority certain features have. Some features will take a long time to develop and test and as such no guarantee can be given on the delivery dates.

New customer portalTo accommodate a host of new features for the coming period, a big rework of the customer portal is needed. This will allow for better integration with the BPM Online products, more security options and support for upcoming features.Finished
Saving report settingsBy allowing the user to save the selections that have been done in the Excel, Word and PDF exports it makes it easier to repeat certain publications in the future.Finished
Local between-save snapshotsBy leveraging modern browser technologies we will introduce Snapshots. This feature saves intermediate steps of your project into _local_ history, before and after critical steps (like modifying template data) and at short time intervals. This way, when something went wrong, the user can always fetch a snapshot of a short time ago.Finished
Harmonization of drawingCurrently the frontend (Designer) and backend have different algorithms for drawing the lines in SVGs. These will be harmonized in order to have exactly the same behavior, everywhere.Finished
Improved finalizationCurrently, when a user finalizes a project, all processes that were not checked for finalization will show up as 'in concept' in all publications. This will change to a more sensible approach. In the new situation, when a user finalizes a project, all processes that were not checked for finalization will be replaced by the _latest finalized version of that process_ if that is available in one of the previous versions. If it is not available it will stay 'in concept'.Finished
Importing data from another projectCopy/paste with the inclusion of all template data is at this moment not possible between projects. An 'Import from' feature will be added that allows a user to import elements (processes, activites, templates, etc) from another project into their own project.Finished
Template bundlesThe possibility to activate a set of templates in the project in order to enable special behaviors in reports and publishing. For instance: RASCI fields that show up as tables, automatic notification of key users for document audits, value-stream-mapping etc.In development
Publisher viewer roleCurrently the Publisher has a few different security modes:
  • Token: anyone can visit the link, but a unique token is part of the URL and can be retracted any time to invalidate all the Publisher URL's
  • IP filter: This is only for Cloud Plus and higher customers. The Publisher will only be reachable from certain IP-ranges.
  • Login: This is only for Single-Sign-On (Cloud Plus and higher) customers. This requires a user to be logged in via their own authentication system in order to view the Designer and the Publisher. All users that are not part of the license will have access to the Publisher, as long as they are authenticated and their email-address follows a preset pattern (e.g. *
Token based security will eventually be phased out. However, for the regular Cloud users this means there must be another way to secure the publications. The customer will be able to enter a set of email-addresses into the Customer Portal to have access to the publications. Those users will get a password in order to authenticate at the Publisher.
In development
Publisher / Visual Navigator Next-GenThe Publisher will be updated to work on modern technologies, making it faster and responsive on multiple devices. This will also allow us to create more integration methods to integrate the publications into the customers intranets. Together with the Template Bundles this will allow much more expressive publications.In development
API extensionsCurrently we have a GraphQL API for customers, with an API contract, to fetch data from the projects. However, the whole process of authentication with the API proves to be difficult in some cases. In order to facilitate deep integration of Sensus BPM Online into customer systems examples and extension on the API will be made that are easier to integrate.In development
Publishing EngineBased on modern web technologies it will be possible to generate much more expressive reports of the projects, especially when including the rich possibilities of the Template Bundles. As a starter only PDF reports will be available and Word will be inspected later.Pending